DAVE! <3 (The Killers - Sam’s Town Era)

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"I love that you know the album by what Brandon’s wearing. ‘Oh, it’s the moustache album, it’s the feathers album’. He’s quite Elton John about it. How can one man who’s so recognisable look so different?" — Ricky Wilson (Kaiser Chiefs)

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my mam took this photo, he’s so cute I wanna cry


my mam took this photo, he’s so cute I wanna cry

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Battle Born Tour


Battle Born Tour

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The Killers feature on pages 7,12 & 52-54

Page 7 is an NME 20 essential new tracks list and features The Killers at 18 with their cover of Fancy - Listen to it at - NME.COM/ONREPEAT

Page 12 is an interview with Brandon Flowers who discusses his solo career,working with Ariel Rechtshaid who is taking him out of his comfort zone. He has confirmed his solo album release next year which is fantastic news especially after the announced hiatus which is NOT the end of The Killers - “we’re explorers, and so we’re going to keep on digging”

Pages 52-54 is a review of The Killers performance at V Festival Hylands Park Chelmsford 17/8/2014 which is mainly positive.

Featured at the bottom of the page is The Killers set list with a rating chart.

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God bless us, everyone

That guy is lucky to have Brandon get closer to him

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"Going on tour is a really weird thing. You can compare it to a submarine: you are stuck with about twenty people in a very small space for a pretty long time. Every now and then you are very happy to get out to go and do a show. That’s what keeps it bearable. There is nothing better: people see you, freak out and listen to what you have created."

Mark Stoermer (in 2007)

"freak out."

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thesunisgonebeforeitshine: Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favourite followers! :)

awww thank you very very much!!! five things!!!? ok.

  1. i don’t let problems get me down.
  2. i have a good sense of humor.
  3. great music taste.
  4. i have a great self-confidence.
  5. and a pretty smile. =)
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The Killers - Tennent’s Vital 2014

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The Killers- V Festival by NME

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Thanks Jimmy!!

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